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Following The Red Coat Trail: Part 2

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red_coat_trail_250Welcome to the second of a two part series chronicling the adventures of my wife, Maureen and I as we followed the Red Coat Trail across the Prairies. The Red Coat Trail is a series of provincial highways, which more or less followed the route taken by the North West Mounted Police back in 1874 on their march west from Manitoba to Southern Alberta. Maureen and I however, were going the other way. Our starting point was Fort Macleod in Southern Alberta and we were headed east. By the end of part one, we had reached the middle of Saskatchewan. Along the way, we had visited some interesting attractions, driven over some unique roads and experienced some very empty yet beautiful landscapes. In part two, we continued east along the Red Coat Trail to its end, near Winnipeg, Manitoba. Please join us for the rest of our adventure.

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