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Myths, Stereotypes and RV’ing in Quebec

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quebec_welcome_250aWhen talking with friends and family about RV’ing across Canada, one question that often comes up is, “What’s it like travelling in Quebec?” Unstated but implied is their real query, “What’s it like to travel in a province where the principal language that people converse in, that road signs are displayed in, that menus, tourist brochures, maps, etc. are printed in, is not English.” This unstated question usually arises from a multitude of myths, misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding Quebec, its residents and their attitude towards English speakers.
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Exploring The “Route Des Navigateurs”

Travel, Canada

route-des-navigateurs_22_250It was the title that caught my eye, – “Route Des Navigateurs”. I had been wandering around a Montreal tourism office, perusing the racks of travel pamphlets and gathering information as we continued our travels east. Several weeks earlier, my wife Maureen and I had left home on a cross-Canada adventure. Now, we were in Montreal. After several delightful days of touring the city and surrounding countryside, it was time to continue on, but where? I had a general idea but nothing specific. I was looking for inspiration, something out of the ordinary, a route less travelled. Could this be it?

The title, roughly translated meant, “Route of the Navigators” or “Route of the Explorers”. In my mind’s eye, it evoked images of those great French navigators, Samuel de Champlain and Jacque Cartier. I felt an immediate connection. After all, weren’t early explorers and modern day RV’ers kindred spirits, motivated by the same desire to see what lay over the next hill or around the next bend? Naturally, I picked it up.
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