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I’m John Goldsmith, a recently retired high school teacher with a yen for travel. Along with my wife Maureen, I love exploring the byways and back roads of North America, seeking out the undiscovered, the interesting, the unusual or simply wandering over the next hill or around the next corner just to see what’s there. Some of these adventures I’ve shared in a publication called RV Times (http://www.rvtimes.ca/) but, not all. That’s what this blog is for. It contains the unabridged and unpublished stories of our travels across North America as well as my commentary on some of the events which have happened along the way.

Please know that the opinions and viewpoints expressed in this blog regarding roads, camp sites, attractions, events, locations, etc., are my own. You are welcome to agree, or not and your response is always welcome. You can leave a comments on the blog or contact me directly at – jgoldsmith@inbox.com

Happy Trails.



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