Month: March 2017

Driving California Highway 1 in an RV: Part 2

Travel, USA

Welcome to Part 2 of “Driving California Highway 1 in a RV”. This odyssey followed the adventures of my wife Maureen and I as we explored scenic Highway 1 along the California coast in a truck and travel trailer. While the scenery was spectacular, the route in places had more twists and turns, zigs and zags, ups and downs than a roller coaster which made for a very “exciting” experience.

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Driving California Highway 1 in an RV: Part 1

Travel, USA

Is there a more iconic, more scenic route than Highway 1 along the California Coast? From Los Angeles in the south to the tiny community of Leggett in the north, this highway is packed with some of the most spectacular scenery and amazing activities to be found on the planet. Two lanes wide and lightly travelled for much of its length, Highway 1 is a remarkable example of a “Route Less Travelled” however, in the land of limo’s Lamborghinis and luxury cars, just how drivable was this highway for a big RV? That’s what my wife Maureen and I intended to find out.

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