Month: December 2016

Wonderful ‘Winterpeg’

Travel, Canada

It’s hard to get excited about visiting a city that’s called, “Winterpeg” by many of its citizens. And, they don’t stop there. Other comments include; “Winnipeg has two seasons, 10 months of winter and two months of mosquitoes.” or “’Winnipeg’ is Cree for muddy waters. The Cree don’t have a word for horribly depressing city.” or “Autumn in Winnipeg: the greens, the browns, the oranges…. And that’s just the tap water!” or “Winnipeg is the only city where you can switch from ‘heat’ to A/C and back again, all in one day.” or “In Winnipeg, there are 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.” or “In Winnipeg, your snow blower will have more miles on it than your car.” Such self-deprecating humour may be therapeutic for coping with adverse conditions but, does little to encourage potential visitors such as my wife Maureen and I. Had it not been for a good friend and former resident who extolled the virtues of the ‘Peg, we might have bypassed the city entirely during a recent cross-Canada trip. Instead, we did stop, explore and discover that Winnipeg was a wonderful city with much to offer.

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What To Do In The “Soo”

Travel, CanadaTravel, USA

The comedian Rodney Dangerfield and the city of Sault Ste Marie share at least one thing in common. Neither one gets much respect. For Canadian travelers in particular, Sault Ste Marie is often seen as little more than a wide spot in the road where they can get some gas, maybe a meal or perhaps a night’s sleep before moving on. The idea of actually spending time in the area is as laughable as one of Mr. Dangerfield’s jokes. Nevertheless, there are an amazing number of things to see and do in the “Soo” (the city’s nick-name) as my wife, Maureen and I discovered during a recent cross-Canada trip.

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